About me:
Please don't mess with me. If you want to know stuff about me just ask me.
Shout out to the following ppl(aka, dont mess with them):
Slender Man-Mythological friend
Kawaii-Chan: Friend IRL
-Deadpool-~ Cousin's bf I_AM_SATAN_LORD_OF_DARK~ Cousin

I also forgot to mention that I am dead on the inside so I don't feel much emotion anymore cause I used them all up on a 'friend' who died when I was in 4th grade. So, yeah. FYI, if I say something dirty like, its not my fault cause I can't control my mind 98% of the time and I just put what in my mind on here. It's a warning. Don't say I didn't tell you so. I also forgot to mention, i wil act out of control somtimes, thats my true self, and when im wise, that me being depressed.